2011/05/21 Saturday - 08:28:58 by FULLfat

Press it down to activate. One week after without watering.

Tape Converter

2007/05/07 Monday - 16:04:12 by FULLfat

A device that reads left behind marks from the tape and transforms them into audio interpretations.

Sewing/Stereo Machine

2007/04/21 Saturday - 11:18:26 by LOWfat

This here be a prototype model for a MACHINE that plays the MUSIC and stitches the frequency all in one.. BAM!

Ultrasonic umbrella

2007/04/18 Wednesday - 16:09:09 by FULLfat

This is a prototype model for a device that combines ultrasonic technology into an umbrella. It makes the water from the umbrella evaporate after use in wet weather conditions. The ultrasonic vibration breaks the water particles on the surface of the umbrella into tiny droplets suspended in the air. The users will no longer need […]

Exhibition Building (codename – Lr)

2007/04/04 Wednesday - 17:52:49 by FULLfat

Eyes Swapping – test

2007/03/05 Monday - 15:35:09 by FULLfat

Apple T.V.

2007/02/13 Tuesday - 18:18:26 by LOWfat

Flower pot

2007/01/31 Wednesday - 15:39:27 by FULLfat

This is an extended version of the Wall piano. It has a wireless microphone inside the fake flower pot. It can be place on any flat surface and the microphone can pick up vibrations from any part of the room to become playable piano.